Special Education In Hybrid Classrooms

21st December 2021


Teaching children with special needs is really not a piece of cake for everyone. In-class sessions have sometimes not shown positive results because it becomes quite tedious for a special educator to keep an eye on every student. Thus, distance mode of learning and hybrid classrooms are gaining popularity because it has increased the effective participation of students having special gifts.

A certificate in special education courses has a curriculum planned that includes modern and scientific methodologies of teaching that help special students to a great extent. SEN teachers have implemented these strategies and found out that students engagement is quite high when hybrid and distance models of education are being used.

On successful completion of SEN courses, teachers receive a globally recognized certificate and hence can explore that talent in any corner of the globe. Teachers can pursue SEN courses in online and distance modes. Thus, they can earn knowledge by being at home and can also impart the knowledge they have gained across the globe.

It has been observed that students having learning disabilities face a lot of challenges in physical classrooms. For them, the hybrid model or education is one of the best teaching strategies because it increases the overall involvement of students in the classroom. In a classroom session, teachers have experienced a variety of daily challenges, like muffled audio or remote students showing up late and things like figuring out alternatives for missing headphones, computers, and books.

Students having learning disabilities require an extreme level of care because they often get frustrated once they're not able to learn things properly. They have problems in identifying similar-looking digits and letters. Consequently, their reading and writing skills get hampered to a great extent.

There have been multiple cases where a student having LD is not yet diagnosed and hence teachers as well as parents, have no clue how to help the student to learn. Initially, it seems like the child is not interested to learn but the truth is due to their inability to identify words. They feel demotivated because teachers unknowingly scold them in everyone’s presence.

In a hybrid model of special education, behavioral patterns is given utter importance. Before digging into the classroom, teachers must conduct a session that is based on the behaviors of students. It is quite significant to understand the reason behind a certain behavioral pattern that a special student is showing.

A positive vibe is mandatory when a class is full of special students. There are so many students having different gifts like LD, autism, ADHD, etc. and they behave differently depending upon the situation.

An ADHD student lacks concentration and often loses patience during the learning process. Students having LD face problems in reading and writing and they frequently give up studying because of a lack of motivation and frustration. Autistic kids do not how to communicate properly and for those having speech problems, the scenario is even worse.

Thus, every special child has special characteristics and that is why it is important to establish a positive and cozy vibe while teaching them.

In a hybrid classroom, special educators must always identify first what is the biggest behavioral drawback a gifted child is facing. Thus, teachers must implement strategies to work on those challenges and come out with accurate solutions.

To make special children feel comfortable in a hybrid classroom, an SEN teacher should formulate some rules and share them with the students. Having a healthy conversation with students regarding the rules is definitely beneficial because in doing so, the gap between teachers and students will decrease and the latter will be more comfortable to open up.

If found that some students are not comfortable with the rules, ask them where do they face problems. It is the sole responsibility of special tutors to cater to their needs and hence their opinions must be judged before coming to a conclusion. If teachers realize that questions being raised by students regarding the rules are suitable to be entertained, then they should comfort the students by making them understand that those rules will always help them to overcome barriers.

Students having learning disabilities have great anxiety issues and hence, they panic whenever they are being asked to do something all of a sudden. It is the duty of teachers to post the agenda of the class every day before the class begins. Therefore, LD students can have a hunch of what they have to do during the hybrid classroom session.

Teachers must give students some time at the beginning and end of every class to communicate among themselves like sharing plans for the weekend, asking questions, or simply just catching up with one another. This will make the communication flow smooth in the classroom and the more they get along with one other, the more will be their development and growth.

Thus, hybrid classrooms are performing awesome when it comes to dealing with special students. SEN educators who have a certificate in special education courses learn strategies to take care of gifted children and hence, today there are so many children with special abilities who are flourishing amazingly.