About the course

This course will give you an opportunity to indulge in an exciting career as a teaching assistant.There is a huge demand for teaching assistants across the globe whoprovide a vital role in supporting the children and teachers in our pre-primary, primary, secondary and Special Educational Needs classrooms. This course is particularly for those who like to enjoy children's company and is interested to make a positive difference to their lives by helping them learn and thrive through supporting their education. If you become a teaching assistant, you will become a valued and important member of school staff as you will be able to help the class teacher plan and deliver lessons and by working individually with children.

It is not only the school children who are the ones that will benefit from the course but also you who will share the benefit. It can be the perfect solution for those who want to build a secure career through teaching and also wish to bring real change in the lives of young people. Teaching is such a career that gives you the benefit of enjoying long holidays to spend quality time with your children and also be at home after school.