About the course

Special Education Needs (SEN) learners are those who need some form of special care and treatment to cater to their physical, emotional and mental needs and well-being. Also, since every individual is different with different needs, the same applies to children with Special Needs.Special children have their diverse needs, and all of them need to be taken care of. Today they face less discrimination in society and hence can dream of leading a better life as independent individuals. And hence more and more schools are accommodating all-inclusive classrooms where learners of all disabilities are taught together.

This course aims to make the candidates aware of the ways to recognise and identify a SEN Child, the type of disability that he/she may be suffering from and the correct approaches to follow when it comes to providing guidance and support. This provides the learners with the confidence of confiding in with the teachers and to convey their thoughts and opinions without any kind of inhibition.

Note: Certificates must be applied within 3 months of course completion. Cache Endorsed Certificates are included with the course and are available after completion.

This course is CACHE endorsed.

These courses are provided in partnership with Laser Learning.