About the course

Dyslexia can be termed as a brain neurological disorder that affects one's reading, spelling, writing and as well as speaking capability and is hence also known as a learning disorder. Children suffering from dyslexia appear to have problems with speech sounds known as phonics or phonemic awareness. Here they may confuse letters and words and spell and pronounce them wrongly. For instance the words "a beautiful dress" may be spelled as "a deautifulbress" by a dyslexic individualdue to difficulty in processing information in the brain,it is a problem with understanding and working with language.This disability is a lifelong issue, and continues throughout the affected individual's lifetime.

Children suffering from dyslexia need unbridled love, care and support from their parents, caregivers and most importantly from teachers at school. Hence those with a proper knowledge on the disability is more at a favourable position to provide the much needed assistance and support to the children suffering from the disability.