About the course

We have developed a range of vital programmes with the help of experts which will teach you the skills needed to succeed. This course also has additional modules on special educational needs to provide you with a training solution which will cover all the knowledge you need to care for children, whether they have a specific need or not.

Students will gain insight into nutrition in the early years to understand the importance of giving children a good, healthy start in life through nutritious foods. The next module will run students through supplying a service to parents of children of all ages with the focus on babysitting. This module will explain the responsibilities of a sitter and look into the importance of continuity of care and the setting of boundaries. Help to prepare yourself to watch your children grow and thrive with a module in parenting.

This course will also give learners a good understanding of basic food hygiene practices. It covers food poisoning, bacteria, contamination, temperature control, preparing and presenting food, spoilage and prevention, delivery and storage, personal hygiene, cleaning and disinfection, food pests, premises and equipment & food safety control.

On completion of the course, candidates will be awarded with two certificates, one certificate from Cache confirming endorsed learning package, the second will cover all the modules (endorsed learning programmes) within the package. Additionally, you will also receive a Globally Recognised Certificate from Asian College of Teachers.

Note: Certificates must be applied within 3 months of course completion.

Cache Endorsed Certificates are included with the course and are available after completion.

This course is CACHE endorsed.

These courses are provided in partnership with Laser Learning.