About the course

ADHD is the acronym for "Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder". It is one of the most commonbiological disorders in children that affect their behaviour and speech and pose a hindrance, both at home as well as in their social life. The common symptoms may range from attention deficiency and distraction, to being careless, restless/hyperactive and unmindful. They are often termed as "the troublemakers" in the classroom if their disorder is notdiagnosed at an early age.

This course aims to make the teachers aware of the disorder and the issues that they are likely to face from these learners and also the ways to deal with them in the most appropriate way possible. Learners suffering from ADHD may not listen to the teacher's instructions leading to a stressful environment in the classroom; it is the teacher's responsibility to know the right ways to handle such a situation and also ensure that the child is engaged in some action or the other.