Asian College of Teachers, one of the Asian leaders in teacher education always ensures that the students enrolling in the courses should have access to the high quality training as well as enhanced employment opportunities. ACT is proud to be a member of several esteemed professional bodies and is accredited by distinguished organizations. Asian College of Teachers' array of teacher training courses is exhaustive with complete focus on current demands in the field of special education and allied areas.

Seeking a Career in Special Education

8th November 2019

To become a special education teacher calls for a deep layer of compassion and a great deal of patience. As a special education teacher, you will be required to work with children who are afflicted by physical and emotional disabilities or face problems with learning. Individuals interested in making a career out of special needs education are required to answer several questions to start with: Do they have the desired skills to help them deal with the special children? What are the nece ...

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