About the course

Working with children can guarantee you the most rewarding careers available. If you have an affinity with children and would enjoy helping them to reach their full potential, becoming a childcare practitioner - in whatever role you choose - would be a fantastic option for you. Watching them learn and grow, at every stage, is an ever-changing experience that can make a career in childcare or early years' education extremely fulfilling. For those who work with children under the age of 5, the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory framework of standards and principles won't be a strange concept. Formed out of the Childcare Act 2006 and first taking shape in 2008, these guidelines have, for many years, been pivotal documentation for every childcare practitioner who deals with Early Years children.

In 2010, it was asked of Dame Clare Tickell to review the EYFS guidelines, and the final version of the revised EYFS guidelines was released in 2012. It is these revisions, and the changes made in 2014, that are identified as part of this course which is aimed at Academic Level short course. By signing up, individuals will be able to keep their knowledge and expertise updated so that their practice is nothing short of the best.

Note: Certificates must be applied within 3 months of course completion.

Cache Endorsed Certificates are included with the course and are available after completion.

This course is CACHE endorsed.

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