How to Encourage Special Needs Child in Reading?

12th March 2019


Why is reading important?

If there is one activity that all children can enjoy taking part in, it’s reading. It allows them to develop their speaking and listening skills while admiring the premise of storytelling. There are different levels to children’s communication, but the fact can be justified that when you read to a special needs child it gives them a great deal of benefit. As a special needs education teacher, you can use this technique to enhance their understanding of the world and give them time for bonding well with you.

Your SEN teacher training in Mumbai would have helped you discover the several books that have helped put a positive impact on human lives from a very young age through literature. Some parents tend to find it difficult at first to read with a child with special needs but the smiles and reactions coming their way over time makes the whole task a worthwhile one. Here we look at a few tips that can be of encouragement to you in helping children with special needs find joy in reading.

Maintain consistency:

If your child is not giving any response while reading stories, you need not get worried. This is probably how your special needs child will react while having some difficulty in exhibiting emotions. Second guessing is bound to happen at times and make the whole task challenging. Remain patient and switch books occasionally. If you find them showing enthusiasm, continue with reading the same book.

Read aloud together:

Reading out loud will help you create a closer bond with your child. Act out character voices and adopt a unique tone akin to story-time so that you child can feel comforted when they hear your voice. Your effort will not go unappreciated and they will feel closer to you when you read out a bedtime story to them. Reading more books will help develop your narrator voice and soon you will find yourself appreciating the meaningful lessons that every story has to teach.

Technology can be a game changer:

Use of a laptop or tablet in special educational courses can be of great assistance while reading since it brings about better engagement from the child. Interactive books, where your little one can use his hands to explore clues and objects can assist in their journey through the literary work while appreciating the content and graphics of the book. These technological devices will also make it fun for your children with the use of magic and interactive noises in the background.

Be enthusiastic:

Enthusiasm holds the key to a lot of things such as SEN teacher training in Mumbai. It is understandable that things can be difficult at times especially if you have children who don’t react well to the contents being offered. You need to be enthusiastic regardless of the outcome to shape your child and fit him into the habit of routine reading. You may find it exhausting to put in the extra effort but when you see your kid engaging with the material daily, the true worth of the reward will dawn upon you. They will give unpredictable and different reactions but the fact that you were able to put a smile on their faces, even though for a mere few seconds, will make your day.

Get hold of interactive books:

Are you one of the old school lot who loves buying only books that are in physical form? Maybe you can consider a digital, interactive book for a change. With these things, it is usually pretty hard to get it wrong! Many story books make use of different materials to make them more engaging such as use of cardboard flaps that can be opened up for progressing to the next stages of the story or unique materials that encourage your special needs child to make use of his five senses. These books could cost you a bit on the higher side at times, but interactive books are the best choice when you are having a tough time in keeping your special child engaged. It makes for a unique experience that will make them more receptive to the idea of interactive books.


Reading is an important step that all children must take part in. It opens up their minds and lets them dream of possibilities, painting beautiful pictures with their imaginations. For children with special needs, books help in boosting their self-esteem and providing a sense of self-awareness with regards to their surroundings. As a parent, it is important that you remain patient and consistent for it will pay off in the long run.