Special Education Marketing Strategies To Attract Parents To Your Child Care Center

23rd January 2023


Research reveals that 69% of parents have shared that technology is the prime factor when selecting their childcare provider.

Hence, it is essential to know the parent's side of the story while marketing your childcare centers so that you can stay relatable to your target audience and make the most out of it. But how do you devise a marketing plan for parents who are already certified with online Master of Arts in education with special education? Since they have widened their knowledge sphere, it is vital to showcase your childcare to the world while maintaining focus on your core business.

If you are lacking the right marketing strategy and want to thrive in the childcare business, here are some low-cost marketing ideas to build a long-lasting impression.

Marketing Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Childcare Business

Here are five marketing strategies to make your childcare center popular among parents:

1. Reveal Your Childcare Story

To reach out and connect with patents you must build a story about what makes your brand special and your USPs. Since persuasion is the center of all business activities, if you are not able to convey your message through your marketing activities, your effort will just go in vain.

Source: www.thinkwithgoogle.com

Thus, create a story where you explain the philosophy behind the brand, your mission, and values, your staff qualifications, how other parents view your childcare, etc. Your story should be the cornerstone of your marketing and it should build a narrative so that parents can connect to it at an emotional level. Moreover, it should be truthful and honest and the parents should be able to feel some amount of passion when they hear your story.

2. Make Memorable Parent Tours

Parent tours are a great way to convince your prospective clients about why they should be choosing your center above all others. It is imperative that you should plan a memorable tour that will make parents live your childcare and jump to conclusions by enrolling their child.

Start by making an appointment and allowing parents to book their slots. Have a brochure or parent handbook to give information about the program. Share information about experience, education, curriculum goals, and philosophy while giving tours of special places that hold great educational value. End your tour with a quick review of the commercials and collect their contact details. Answer any questions they have and offer to follow up.

3. Host Open Houses And Events

When you are just starting your business, you should consider hosting numerous events to attract potential customers. You can plan game nights, book reveals, book fairs, art shows, craft events, etc. This will showcase how your students will learn by doing things themselves.

You can upload the content on online platforms for parents to see what your daycare holds. Additionally, you can arrange parent walk-ins, tours, etc. to get new and exciting leads. Some event ideas to consider will be society clean up, theatre nights, scavenger hunts, storytelling, cooking classes, pottery lessons, silent dance parties, etc.

4. Register On Google Business

Registering yourself on google business is a free marketing strategy that every business owner applies. Your Google profile will enable you to reach out to more parents as you will be able to add legitimacy to your childcare by being verified by Google.

To make your listing stand out in google searches, here are some techniques:

  • Describe your business, show a list of services, and add photos and a website link.
  • Initially try to answer all question asked by interested candidates and reply to all reviews whether it is good, bad, or ugly.
  • Make sure you have a space for parent reviews, and a calendar for convenient booking so that parents can book an appointment easily.
  • Ensure to keep updated on all your working days and hours, and contact details and keep posting relevant content so that your profile is not stagnant.

5. Use Technology

Incorporating technology in your facility is another effective way of marketing that will set you apart from your competitors. Allow your parents to know what happens in the daycare when they are away and serve them some peace of mind. This could be a deciding factor as to why they should choose you over your rivals.

You can market yourself on social media or create a parent communication page on your website where parents can easily reach out to you. Furthermore, you can also invest in video marketing, send monthly newsletters, or write blogs to keep parents updated about the new policies, equipment, or events happening at your childcare center.

Make Your Services Remarkable

In the education industry, your customer is the parents and your consumer is the child, hence you need to plan your strategies accordingly. Use your creativity to keep parents engaged and market your services to get the maximum return. In case you are not aware of what are the things that can be done for a childcare center catering to special needs, consider pursuing an online Master of Arts in education with special education to satisfy both parents' and children's requirements.