About the course

Outdoor play for children comprises of getting the opportunity to practice their various motor skill developments and master their developing physical skills. Motor skills include activities like running, jumping, leaping, etc. Engaging in outdoor activities not only is good for the physical development but also is good for the cognitive emotional and social development of the child's body. It not only aims at the development of the body, but also of the brain and the intellect. Playing outdoor games help the children to develop their learning abilities and encourage creativity among them. As the children are exposed to many new kinds of objects away from the confinement of a classroom while engaging in outdoor activities, it promotesstimulation of their imagination and thinking capabilities to a great degree.

This training course on 'Outdoor Play' for the children is aimed to develop confidence and expertise of the teachers when allocating outdoor activity provisions and schedules for the children and as well as acquaint them with the risks associated with the activities done out of the confinement of the classrooms.

Note: Certificates must be applied within 3 months of course completion.

Cache Endorsed Certificates are included with the course and are available after completion.

This course is CACHE endorsed.