About the course

Conducting classes effectively is one of the main functions of a teacher. Nevertheless, it is a concern for them, too. A classroom comprises of learners from different backgrounds and it is the teacher's responsibility to ensure that proper learning environment is maintained through proper learner behaviour. Every classroom will have young learners with unruly behaviour and attitude; hence those interested to know and adapt the key strategies of managing learner behaviour in the classroom or at home, may enrol for a professional course like this.

This online course on Managing Behaviour will acquaint the candidates with a comprehensive understanding of the causes of showcasing complex behaviour by the learners of the classroom. Hence, when the candidates will learn the causes of such behaviour, they will find it easier to learn the approaches to effectively handling them. The course also acquaints the candidates with the kind of positive behavioural attitude to be practiced before the children so that good behavioural examples are set before them.

Note: Certificates must be applied within 3 months of course completion.

Cache Endorsed Certificates are included with the course and are available after completion.

This course is CACHE endorsed.