About the course

The course 'Certificate in Special Education' includes learning disabilities in children with special focus on ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) and Autism. Learning disabilities are neurological problems which interfere with the child's learning abilities whereby their processing of the information received is different than regular children. On the other hand, ADHD is a disorder that affects children and may even continue into adulthood. Children affected with ADHD have difficulty in paying attention and gets easily distracted, are impulsive by nature, experience trouble in organising things or even completing their tasks in school on time.

Autism is a developmental disability that is often seen to be lifelong condition. Autism is a spectrum disorder where the disabilities may range from learning disabilities to mental health issues. Autistic children need proper care and support so that they too like regular people can lead a fulfilling life.

The course aims to acquaint the aspirants with the above disabilities and the correct approaches to effectively dealing with them in the classrooms accommodating SEN learners.